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Bingo (card game)

You need deck of 52 cards. First 1 **The dealer gives each player X cards, which are held in the hand or placed face-down in front of the player. The dealer places Y cards face down in the center of the table. Till all numbers for one player all have been called.

"Play for the money or play for the funn or prices" 

**1. Print and copy a bingo card

for each player for one evening or the amount of ours to play.

 If you play for money you have to now the law.

  •   find group members who match descriptions to play the game
  • When a player has filled a upper row with numbers, s/he yells "Bingo!
  • played with randomly drawn numbers.
  •  which players match against numbers that have been pre-printed on 5×5 matrices. 
  • The matrices may be printed on paper or card stock,
  •  or electronically represented, and are referred to as cards. 
  • Many versions conclude the game when the first person achieves a specified pattern from the drawn numbers. The winner is usually required to call out the word "Bingo!", which alerts the other players and caller of a possible win. All wins are checked for accuracy before the win is officially confirmed at which time the prize is secured and a new game is begun. In this version of bingo, players compete against one another for the prize or jackpot.

  •  You can mix the row to fill in. And you can name the different ways to play
  • 1  upper row
  • 2  middle
  • 3 last
  • 4 horizontal,
  • 5 diagonal line to get a BINGO
BINGO PAPERS for childeren : link

Bingo papers are flat pieces of cardboard or disposable paper which contain 25 squares arranged in five vertical columns and five horizontal rows. Each space in the grid contains a number.

 Example Example Example 


  • All images must be marked to get a BINGO

  • This is the most common way to play BINGO

  • This is how we usually play 3x3 grids
      2.  LINES BINGO
  • Must make a horizontal, diagonal OR vertical line to get a BINGO

  • This is how we usually play 4x4 or 5x5 grids

     3. T's BINGO

  •  Fill the card in the shape of a right-side up

    upside down or sideways capital T.


      4.  AROUND BINGO
  • Fill the card in the shape of a square  (top, left, right and bottom)
 play all the variations olso try online


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