Welcom by Black Jack game and learn about the beautiful game. It's is fully explained here.

  Play at the blackjack tables. Accompanied by experts you can learn at the casino in your area. Most large cities have a casino.

Black Jack you can play for the honor and for money. In connection with your family and acquaintances you can practice. Because as with all games you are lucky and strategic insight. 

Internet casinos also offer the opportunity for black jack.
Happiness can not be taught, but insights you can improve through practice. Also by looking of players of black jack to learn.

How it works:

In this game we need a deck of cards and to make it more exciting, we use chips instead of money. If you're an adult you can play with money.

TIP: It is important that you look into whether the group and addiction in your family plays a role. / reporting that:
about 900,000 people who sometimes participate in a gambling game. 450,000 people are sometimes found in a casino. And all these people are enslaved around 40,000

It is not the intention slowly or gradually develop an addiction.

Note that well, because it's no fun for anyone. read more

  Not sure yet? Then do the self test. Responsible gaming means that you are always able to control your gambling

  Poster prevent pdf now see?

                                                 Poster prevent pdf now see?


How do the play Black Jack:It does not matter whether you are at home, with friends or playing the club in your town or city.
The participants get to start choosing a number of self chips whether you are buying these chips. This fiches.kun you later when you go back over. We call the bank.Look how long you want to play. If you want to organize a tournament you also need divisors of cards they are called in the casino croupiers.The bank is the organization and the Black Jack gives all players the same amount of chips in a tournament or in connection with no financial gain. The opportunity to win cash or prizes may only if you have applied for a permit.

This we will discuss later, we will first explain the tournament.

Black Jack play officially with 6 decks of cards.The card game is based on individual play in which each player plays against the dealer.The aim is to after a certain period of time, as much as possible to keep records of credit or bank if you play for money.The 52 cards placed in a distributor. The aim of the game is to draw cards with a total of 21 points. Aces are worth 1 or 11, the figures count for 10 and applies for other cards their face value. When the score of the player is higher than that of the dealer, the player wins the game. The croupier pays him his winnings and the player keeps his bet. If the point total of the player is lower than that of the dealer, the player loses his bet. The best score is 21 points with 2 cards, known as "Black Jack" is called.Organizing takes time and preparation so take your time. Also see if you need to leave the application in your municipality approve by writing a letter requesting a permit to play for money or prizes.

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